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Barazzo is a full-service integrated marketing and experiential company that offers strategic marketing consulting, digital marketing, branding, event management, and promotional gifting services.

Gudi Bag™
Barazzo® One
BlackPak™ Project


Barazzo® stands as a premier partner in integrated and experiential marketing solutions, dedicated to delivering efficiency, cutting-edge engagement, and value-driven results through meticulously crafted designs, products, and on/offline experiences. Our credibility is underscored by our history of collaboration with top-tier corporations such as Porsche, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, The Georgia Lottery, and Synchrony. Furthermore, our involvement in exclusive events like the ESPYS, Grammy Gifting Suites, and the Kentucky Derby attests to our capacity to manage and excel in high-profile settings. How can we support your organization’s goals?


Strategic Marketing
Engagement Strategy
Brand Strategy
Content Planning


Creative Director
Content Development
Promotional Designs


Bespoke Gifts & Gifting Activations
Event Design & Strategies
Promotional Design & GWP
Product Design & Manufacturing
On/Offline Engagement

Gudi Bags

That Skyline Shine™
Transitioning from Blush Bags to Gudi Bags™ is like swapping your subway ride for a private elevator. Tailored for brands with skyline dreams and a rhythm that beats to culture’s drum. Looking to woo your board or simply be the talk at Sunday brunch with gifting activations? Gudi’s got that glint.


Barazzo® ONE

Big City Dreams in Tote Form™
Introducing the Barazzo® ONE. It isn’t just a bag; it’s your urban entourage. Perfectly pivoting between power lunches and jazz club jumps, this patented piece is the plus-one for every mogul who knows the hustle doesn’t stop at 5 pm. If your life’s a blend of Forbes and festivals, here’s your match.

BlackPak Project

Because Even Moguls Need a Minute™
Unveiling the BlackPak™ retreat series – for when the city lights get too bright. Imagine swapping those brogues for beach sandals, if only for a sun-soaked weekend. Business moguls, grant yourself that lavish timeout. After all, what’s hustle without a little hush?

The Metropolis Beckons:

Elevate your brand the Barazzo® way – where sophistication meets the street, and ambition meets authenticity. Brands hungry for that city soul combined with corporate gold, Barazzo® is your vibe, your tribe. Let’s hustle, dazzle, and dominate, one city block at a time.

The Story

Queue up Quiana Cloud – think of her as the Rihanna of the retail realm, but with bags instead of ballads (she thinks she’s from the Caribbean anyway!). From Fortune 500 flings to Grammy after-parties, she’s the brainchild behind the Barazzo® brand. If you haven’t seen her on a Forbes cover yet, just give it a minute. She did make the Next Forbes 1000 list.

To seamlessly blend urban elegance and entrepreneurial spirit, delivering products and experiences that elevate every facet of our client’s dynamic lifestyles, from boardrooms to boulevards.

Positioning Barazzo® at the intersection of culture and convenience, we envision a future where every client’s ambition is complemented by an experience that’s as dynamic as their dreams.


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